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Assos Ida Costa Hotel Assos Ida Costa Hotel

On the coast leaned back towards Mount Ida, the most special place where the nature meets the comfort, Assos Ida Costa Hotel.

Our Assos adventure began with a search for an alternative to Bodrum where we had spent our holidays for years, right after it had lost its nature and authenticity. From the first moment, we fell in love with Assos.

We were impressed by its nature, ambiance and culture, hence we started off our adventure by buying a small plot. Our project grew together with our dreams and evolved further by taking the form of Ida Costa Hotel, named after the mythology of Mount Ida.

Built with traditional Aegean architecture through natural stones, our hotel is surrounded by olive trees on a nine acre pilot. Everything is well thought and planned in detail to create this peaceful and comfortable environment located on the coast with Mount Ida behind. Our spacious rooms are way higher than the region’s standards with minimum 30 square meter built up area.

Beautiful Aegean design aside, as a family who is in love with Aegean cuisine, we formed a perfect kitchen crew and a rich daily food menu to make you experience delicious tastes. And lastly, for the ones who wants to escape from the fatigue of the city and stress, we created Ida Spa that offers relaxing massages, along with Turkish bath and sauna services.

We really enjoyed every part throughout this journey, and we hope you get the same pleasure we had during your stay in Assos and Ida Costa.

Hoping to see you soon,

Uğur & Hülya Olcay


Assos is a wonderful place where sea, nature and serenity are all blended together, right on the shore of Edremit Bay. Besides, it hosts wonderful villages of Mount Ida and an impressive history. We have listed just a few of these places to show what awaits you. For more, we are looking forward to host you in Assos.

Adatepe Village

Located on the western slopes of the Mount Ida, Adatepe is a unique village that carries the marks of Troy, Leleg, Lesbos, Persia, Athens, Rome, Seljuk and Ottoman empires. With stone houses and narrow streets, Adatepe offers you amazing photo opportunities; so don't forget to take your camera with you when you visit. After seeing the wonderful streets, you can also enjoy the unique view of the Alter of Zeus on the hill overlooking the Aegean sea, and drink your Turkish coffee under the centuries-old Sycamore tree in the village square.

Yeşilyurt Village

Another village in the lower slopes of the Mount Ida is Yeşilyurt Village which is located in the westernmost part. Similar to Adatepe Village, it has amazing old stone houses that carry the typical Aegean town look and feel. Previously known as a mixed Turkish-Greek village, Yeşilyurt Village still hosts the foundations of the Greek church in the sub-district and the master workmen of the mosque are Greek. Although the majority of the village people are Yuruk, they have forgotten the nomadic life despite their tradition, as their main source of living is olive cultivation today.

Tahtakuşlar Village

The history of the Tahtakuşlar Village inhabitants goes back to the 13th century. The surrounding of the village is rich for excursions. You can reach the Sarıkız hill, which is 1574 meters high, via jeeps, minibuses and tractors. Even when the weather is clear, you can see Baba Hill, Marmara Sea and Edremit Bay from there. The natural wonder Hasan Boğuldu and Sutüven Falls are also among the must-see places.

Athena Temple

Located at the highest point of the ancient city, Athena Temple is the first and only Doric style temple built in Anatolia during the Archaic period, and only the two-step podium was able to survive until today. You can understand why this amazing place was chosen as a temple when the first lights of the day dawn among the ruins of the temple. Some of the reliefs on the columns are stored in the Boston Museum, Louvre Museum and Istanbul Archeology Museum.


Agora was called as the center of social life where religious, commercial and political activities took place in a wide open area in the ancient Greek cities. Assos Agora was built in the Hellenistic period and it carries all its features. It is located on a terrace in the south of the ancient city, overlooking Lesbos and the Aegean Sea. After entering the western gate, Gymnasium appears first while passing through a curved road, and further along the road you can reach Agora. While the Agora temple is located at the entrance of Assos Agora, the city council and residential areas are located in the eastern part.

Apollon Smintheus Temple

Built in 150 B.C. in the Ionian style, this temple is the second most important sanctuary of Troas (Biga Peninsula) after the Athena Temple. Its importance lies in the fact that it is the only example in Apollon cults with the mouse symbol in Anatolia. The most striking aspect is the depiction of the Trojan War from the Homer’s epic poem ‘Iliad’. The Iliad has been seen depicted on various vases, wall paintings and marble sarcophagus in various ages but it was first encountered in a temple in Apollon Smintheus. Although only 24 meters of the 120-meter-long reliefs have been unearthed so far, even these parts are beautiful enough to enchant people.

Our Kitchen

We designed everything in detail to deliver you the taste of unique Aegean cuisine. Our rich village breakfast along with freshly baked breads from our stone oven and the delicious dinner set menu prepared every day by our chef will amaze you.

Ida Sofa

For you to enjoy your holiday more, we created Ida Sofa where you will have hundreds of books to read along with fun games to play with your friends.


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